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  • What is Flex N'Relax and what does it offer?
    Flex N’ Relax is a unique training studio helping people build and reshape their lives through individualized programs that work mind, body and soul. Flex N’ Relax offers a diverse range of training services from one-on-one, private group and studio classes. We also offer nutritional and coaching support to help reach your health and fitness goals.
  • What is Flex N'Relax's philosophy?
    Using a multidisciplinary approach, Flex and Relax uses scientific components to create and build your individualized fitness journey and continually reassessing as we go to find what works best for you
  • How is Flex N'Relax different from any other gym?
    Flex N'Relax delivers unique personal and group training programs in a in a private studio. There’s no shortage of motivation amongst the Flex N'Relax members, who get nutritional support in addition to the thrilling sessions. The Flex N'Relax experience is not just another public gym!
  • How is Flex N'Relax different from doing it myself?
    As a member of Flex N'Relax you'll receive exclusive access to our members area, including training, nutrition and everyday lifestyle habits to improve your wellbeing. There’s so much health information, and it’s easy to get confused. By having a qualified and experienced team to guide you through the process, you can avoid the common mistakes people make and fast track results.
  • How is Flex N'Relax different from finding a free workout online?
    Most of the online workouts or nutrition programs are designed to be generic. We are all different and one plan is not going to get the best results for everyone. It makes sense to have different options to play with, but what if you’ve tried them all? Flex N'Relax can design and implement a program that’s specific to YOU. The team will coach you through the process so you can understand exactly what works for you.
  • How do I get started with Flex N'Relax?
    Head over to the Home page, fill in your details and we'll get back to you to arrange a face-to-face consultation within 24 hours.
  • I've never exercised... Is Flex N'Relax for me?
    Yes! Flex N'Relax caters to all abilities, through one-on-one personal training, or group sessions. We will assess your abilities and limits at the consultation. Flex N'Relax has you covered.
  • How many people attend the Group Training Program?
    Our classes will never have more than 6 members at one time.
  • Are there any pay as you go options?
    Sorry, We only offer monthly contract in order to provide the best personalized fitness program.
  • Do you provide full body assessments?
    Yes! For a fee, we provide a full InBody exam which breaks down your body composition to measure hydration and analyze lean muscle and fat content. With InBody, we can help you achieve your goals by focusing on fat loss, not just weight loss.
  • How long will the consultation take? Do I need to wear gym clothes?
    The consultation process usually takes around 45 minutes. We carry out a pre-assessment before starting your plan. Come prepared in your gym clothes and indoor workout sneaker
  • What are the opening times?
    Flex N'Relax is not a commercial gym and we do not operate like one. Our opening times are based on training sessions and schedules. Unless stated otherwise, you are unable to turn up and train. See your membership page to see what days/times your classes are!
  • Will there be someone present in the sessions to help me?
    Yes, both our group, and one-on-one training sessions have experienced coaches on hand to guide you through the workout.
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